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Mr Daya Singh Swami | Principal

Top School kurukshetra

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GMSSS Khairi strives hard and in a well planned manner to create social masterpieces in the form of educated people by inculcating a sense of professional and social responsibility in the minds of our students. We don't just focus on studies, rather, we groom the overall personality of our students by keeping them engaged in a variety of personality development and educational activities.
Our league of experienced teachers spread education among equally all the students irrespective of their race, caste and color. 
Teachers and students, together, work hard to create a healthy and happy environment. Our culture and activities focuses on sharing love, kindness and care in the society. Members of various school committees executes frequent activities which involves students and creates a sense of responsibility and positivity in their minds.
Thus, GMSSS Khairi does every effort to scale up the capabilities of our students and make them compete on a global stage.



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